Cracker ‎– Low (single)

5 out of 5

Label: Virgin

Produced by: Dennis Herring, David Lowery

All the bestestest aspects of Kerosene Hat – already a wonderfully varied and fun album – minus the 99-track weirdness and Sweet Potato kook, plus a straight-up Camper Van Beethoven like jam = a perfect Lowery / Hickman distillation.

The title track will never not be a classic, capable of many, many repeated listenings, and you get an equally classic gospel ballad from the self-titled disc with I See The Light.  Sunday Train gives us the more contemplative Cracker variant, and Whole Lotta Trouble (both of these tracks then unreleased) is a Hickman rocker but kept shy of going rockabilly, which is a plus for me.  And then Steve’s Hornpipe is klezmer.  Yes, that’s the CVB joint.  The single is a little over fifteen minutes, and the unreleased tracks can all later by found on Garage D’Or, but imagine having this gem at the time, especially if you were only aware of Kerosene Hat: the Low single is great exposure to the different styles Lowery and gang could pull off.