The Other People Place ft. Mystic Tribe A.I. ‎– Sunday Night Live At The Laptop Cafe

5 out of 5

Label: Clone Aqualung

Produced by: The Other People Place

I acknowledge that Drexciya has a darker, more organic vibe than Transllusion’s squiggly electronics, and both much more moody and never approaching the laidback “bop” of The Other People Place – all projects either touched by or solely helmed by James Stinson – but this followup single to TOPP’s album is, like, an unofficial meeting of the minds of all three approaches.  Two dense, affecting tracks, both sides marry Drex’s contemplative, wandering style to Transllusion’s hearbeat clinicality, then presenting it with the kind of unassuming, why-me-worry production style of Lifestyles of the Laptop Cafe.  You can – and should – fill in your own interpretations, but ‘Sunday Night’ feels like the emotional flipside to Lifestyles’ chill; the trepidation one feels when the weekend ends and we’re staring down the approaching reality of the week to come.