Akira Yamaoka ‎– Silent Hill (Original Video Game Soundtrack) (Mondo Remaster, 2017)

5 out of 5

Label: Mondo

Produced by: James Plotkin (vinyl remaster)

The Mondo reissue of the Silent Hill soundtrack, while leaving off a few bonus tracks, fixes one of my only issues with the original version – the mixing.  As mastered for vinyl by the always busy James Plotkin, a lot of those discrepant levels are brought up and leveled out appropriately to keep the immersion going.  The tracks themselves are already amazing, and I’d perhaps even further extend that the physical necessity of flipping an LP over also makes the sequencing choppines of cues vs. full songs less drastic as well.

All else from my original review applies, but for anyone who’s listened and listened and listened to a version pre-existing this one, Mondo and Plotkin did right by the music, and it’s worth another go in this format.