Jensen Interceptor + Assembler Code ‎– Kinematics

4 out of 5

Label: Central Processing Unit

Produced by: Brendan Zacharias, Mikey Melas

Absolutely intense electro, totally modern, totally itchy – not something to put on if’n you’re not in the mood to angstily writhe about in some fitful approximation of dancing and / or seizure. (This is a… good thing, I promise.)

A-side ‘Abstract Model’ and title track ‘Kinematics’ provide the template: fast-paced techno beats that skitter and break, while Jensen Interceptor (Mikey Melas) and Assembler Code (Brendan Zacharias) – however the work is split up – bend and shift creepy atmospherics in the background. But these tracks don’t rest on laurels of solely good beats and interesting sounds, else the 5+ minute runtimes would probably get repetitive. Instead, while that forefront beat does pummel on, the layering in of those atmospherics alters the tone – it’s friendly, then it’s threatening; it’s bouncy, then it’s ominous – and when the duo lay of the beat, it’s equally intense as a breather before diving back in. B-side’s ‘Extraction’ is as equally compelling as these two tracks, but by this point the general sound and pace has been established, so it feels a little more predictable. However, closer ‘VR Escort’ pushes the needle up even further on the intensity, and plays around with those breaks, letting the forefront beat drop to the background for longer stretches, and finding different variations on the theme to bring out a fantastic sense of movement and dread.