Hyperinteger ‎– Shifting Seasons

3 out of 5

Label: WeMe Records

Produced by: Ali Paul and Yamar Paul

Another somewhat mutable release from ‘The Cunz Dimension‘ and licensed to WeMe, Hyperinteger (Ali Paul and Yamar Paul) lay down some pleasing, garage style, lightweight funk across Shifting Seasons’ six tracks that only really finds a notably compelling groove on its last track.

Purportedly interpreting “how dimensional & temporal changes affect our psyche,” the A-side’s cuts have some really fun, organic beats, but they’re also entirely too restrained to make a mark. The production is quite fantastic – very layered and analog and warm sounding; a nice low end that squeaks with the minor squiggles lain atop – however, I’m not sure where that narrative is, excepting the slightest beat changeups that give the record some quirk. The B-side definitely has more pep to it, keeping the same touch of funk but getting a tad more aggressive. Only closer ZFC steps over the line to give Hyperinteger something of an identity, finally bringing the squiggles and pace hiccups and groove all to the forefront.

It’s an enjoyable record, for sure, but we need more to understand what Hyperinteger is building toward; Shifting Seasons otherwise feels something like a sampler.