Grails – Adam’s Peak b​/​w Kebnekaise

3 out of 5

Label: Temporary Residence

Produced by: Grails

Rather representative of the album it accompanied, this two track 7″ is, by it’s two-track nature, more focused seeming, if still ultimately underwhelming. Adam’s Peak brings in the Easternly-sounding instrumentation and a banjo strum for a slow, echoey, gallop, calmly keeping time for four minutes. It’s appreciably moody, but like much of Chalice Hymnal, it doesn’t feel like it goes anywhere, building up some steam and then fading out.

Kebnekaise is much more satisfying, starting with Tortoise-like groove before effecting a full-on 70s prog-ness, actually ebbing and flowing during its similar runtime so we get a bit of a climax.

In both cases, the production is stellar, sinking in to cavernous reverb and milking the most out of it – Kebnekaise, in particular, sounds like it truly could’ve been ripped from some undiscovered vinyl from its influences’ era.