Gouge Away – Consider b​/​w Wave of Mutilation

5 out of 5

Label: Deathwish

Produced by: Jack Shirley

Simple pleasures. This is all of 5 minutes of a single, but man, how Gouge Away have grown. I mean, they did it already from , Dies to Burnt Sugar, and this is just more of that, but I do love hearing that they’re still on the right track, holding on to their hardcore, punky heart but letting it bleed with some more focus and structure. Consider is very solid in that regard, hooky and heavy and shouty, with Christina Michelle very in charge of her range and Jack Shirley recording with a sense of warmth but immediacy. Michelle’s lyrics still err toward somewhat typical rah-rah-rise-up stuff, but you can feel her pushing toward more maturity in her structure of that.

Backed by a Pixies cover, and done with a good balance of the original and Gouge’s style. The Pixies have never been a go-to band for me, including this classic song, but this is a version that’s amped up enough to work for my ears, and is a perfect singalong backer to Consider.