Global Goon ‎– Saint Aime

4 out of 5

Label: WeMe Records

Produced by: Rashad Becker (mastered by)

Global Goon, to me, is all about melody. Whatever style Johnny Hawk – the Goon – is moving through an any given release, no matter how hard or abstract, there’s always this irrepressible melody that comes through.

Saint Anne, a delightful EP of 8 cuts released on the Belgian WeMe label, is another excellent example of this, and a fun one, as these tracks go hard on an acid / krautrock rant, making the emergence of these melodic elements that much more impressive and satisfying. GG’s naming of each track is pretty true to their grooving or roboticized sound inspirations – opener Robotnik Drencrom is like a crazed automaton’s club anthem – and also rather indicative of a smile I imagine plastered to Hawk’s face when composing the songs, which err toward a more joyous and goofy sensibility.

Bounding between rave ups and grime-touched bangers and then some just twistedly awesome acid, Saint Aime is a short slice of nigh-perfection. That said, I do think it takes a track to recognize the vibe here, as that opener – Robotnik – comes across as rather generically house-y at first; perhaps not the best intro. Followup Got My Ultra Keks On brings the more bouncy playfulness to the fore, which allows those melodies to become more obvious; thereafter, the house stuff is brilliant, and on repeat listens, Robotnik Drencrom shares in that spotlight – but again, as a lead-in, it’s the least impressive track here.

You’ll be listening to this on repeat anyway, though, so it’s a gripe that soon disappears in the rearview.