François De Roubaix & Bernard Maître ‎– Le Labyrinthe Des Onix

2 out of 5

Label: WeMe Records

Produced by:  François De Roubaix & Bernard Maître?

This is definitely intriguing, but I have to admit that in isolation – this is a single, 45 RPM track, with a remix on the opposite side – I’m not sure what to really do with it. The subtlety of the B-side’s take on this, from Jodey Kendrick, is to the extent that I only get what amounts to a slight tonal variation on the original; not enough to differentiate it in any fantastic way.

I’d say, to an extent, this is more about the oddity: this track was composed for a kid’s puppet show, and it’s all ambient noise; definitely not something you’d peg as Saturday morning accompaniment. Reviews tend to pitch it as haunting, but I don’t really hear that – I get instrumental attempts at mimicking animal sounds, almost like you’re strolling through a jungle and listening to the breeze and clicks and chirps. In that sense, it’s quite pleasant, but it’s also nowhere near as noisy as a jungle might be – this is pretty minimal, slow-boil stuff, and due to it not evolving much over its runtime, I can’t really immerse myself in it.

Kendrick’s take – to my ears – plays up the dynamics a bit more, but otherwise is fairly similar, though I’m sure smarter listeners than me can pick up the nuances.

It’s possibly the curiosity factor makes this more of a value to others – as well as maybe just being more interested in this type of stripped down ambience – but I don’t think there’s much replay value here for me.