Fleck E.S.C ‎– Discrete Opinion

5 out of 5

Label: Central Processing Unit

Produced by: Franck Collin

Some electro tracks overstay their welcome, running their hook one too many times; some tracks cut and run, amping you up for another go ’round and then just… ending. Some tracks, though, set you up with a great beat and a build up and then let it run for just the right amount of time, allowing things to hit peak after satisfying peak.

And some artists manage to do this again and again.

Fleck E.S.C.’s Discrete Opinion has earned a dedicated new fan of Franck Collin’s IDM funk, with each of its four tracks managing a distinct sound, and also landing that perfect runtime and sequences of builds and releases. The low end on this thing is just a delight, coming across like a live electric bass, but squelched and manipulated to support Fleck’s twisting and turning bop. The A-side is is a grand ol’ time of modern, gamey groove, dashes of retro synths, and a slight edge that Collin’s leans in to that gives the tracks a constant sense of exploration and momentum. B-side’s ‘Little Man’ goes darker, scoring the sound of a being coming to life and discovering the inherent conflicts of the surrounding world, and is then juxtaposed by the relative chill – and more ambient sounds – of closer ‘Night and Day.’