Federico Leocata ‎– Perfido Incanto

4 out of 5

Label: WéMè Records 

Produced by: Federico Leocata

Delightfully tweaked robotic electronica, like a more breakbeat version of Pierre Bastien’s automatons.

Federico Leocata comes – fittingly for that comparison – from the audio-visual world of music, mapping his tunes to art installations on occasion, but they’ve also graced us with some straight up jamz, such as this early EP, post-discovery by the Drexciya-adjacent Heinrich Muller. The Detroit tag of that association doesn’t really come into play here, though: Leocata’s sound is very modern, with the biting edge of modern day IDM, though cycled back through a krautrock-beat mentality.

I’m sure I’m butchering these descriptions.

‘Perfido Incanto’ – “wicked enchantment,” so a translation tells me – cycles through four quick and catchy tracks of this variety, using tick-tock, clipped beats to underscore building and booming electronics. Each side has something a little goofy and then a little more dark and killer; only the B-side’s ‘Selbst’ ends up sounding a bit shortsighted as it ends after only a few repetitions of its ideas. But this is, otherwise, an accurately named EP: it’s absolutely accessible and instantly danceable – you’re doing the robot as soon as any of these beats kick in – but also has this slightly sinister edge to it that makes the work stand out. Definitely will be looking in to Leocata’s other efforts…