EOD – Presents ¤ □ ◙ (The Symbols)

4 out of 5

Label: Weme

Produced by: EOD (?)

A compilation of ¤, , and , each given one LP.

This rating is b.s., if we’re rating it based on what Weme is offering us here, as opposed to the contents – which I’ve rated separately. So I’m calling b.s. on my own rating, essentially. I mean, Weme has done right by these digital releases: they sound great, and they’re spread out across both sides of the vinyl, even though it’s totes not necessary, but I prefer that because it makes me feel like you’re not, like, wasting a side of the wax. Nonsense, right? Yup. But then again, and this is where the rating comes in – what if you had done something on that side, like an etching? What if there was some artwork here beyond the labels – where otherwise the cover is all black? What if there was some cryptic liner note, or notes?

But see, I’m asking for things that are totally outside of the purview of the “look” of these albums on bandcamp, as well as for any “extras” that aren’t part of EOD’s rather enigmatic shtick. There’s no reason to expect that.

But I can’t help but want some extra minimal something that makes this physical edition – beyond being a physical edition – stand out. (I mean, I bought the colored vinyl, ’cause I’m like that, but I’m still greedy.)

But also… yeah. Don’t listen to me. EOD is awesome. Support their music. Buy this vinyl, and heck, buy the digital as well.