EOD (as ¤) – ¤

5 out of 5

Label: self-released

Produced by: EOD (?)

The furiously release- and pseudonym-proliferate EOD has managed to blow my mind across his various musical incarnations, weaving in and out of IDM splinters without sounding like a proclaimer to any particular throne; instead, EOD – Stian Gjevik – seems to forefront melody, and then marry that to insane electro, futurism, house, chiptune, and etcetera elements as needed. Whatever craziness is employed always seems to fit an EOD track, and by keeping the rather soothing or quirky elements as the focus, it’s a sound that also uniquely belongs to the artist.

So “¤” can work through vaguely video game, beach-level chill, as on the opener here, and then segue into intense, trippy, acid jazz percussion dramatics on the second track, and then go Global Goon woozy IDM, and then funky, and then back around to chill, and it all seems to belong together under the same roof. Cap it off with the BPM workout of the final track, and you’ve got a stellar EP off songs that don’t so much top one another, but rather each bring some perfected standout element to the table.

And don’t let the “melody” tag mislead into thinking this is dainty stuff – if any key sound ties the tracks together, it’s the way EOD has a tendency to twist that melody, giving the songs a slightly alien feel. Sometimes this is right in your face, sometimes it’s more subtle, but even when the EP sounds “traditional,” there’s some touch to catch you out, and make you pay that much more attention.