DMX Krew Featuring Blak Tony ‎– Night Creatures

4 out of 5

Label: Breakin’ Records

Produced by: Ed DMX

It’s DMX Krew on Breakin’ Records; if you didn’t know any better, maybe you’d think Night Creatures referred to some kind of entity, but just a taste of the funkin’ beat, and you know the exactly kind of 3 AM denizens to which Ed and Blak Tony are referring. Tony’s addition of spoken / crooned – proclamations – “We are the epitome of movement;” “We are the vanguard of groove” should seal the deal.

As all too unbelievably usual, Ed is in full control of his track, letting emphases surge and ebb as needed to keep one’s body moving. It’s delightfully funky (of course), and so well paced and spaced out that listening to the full version and then the instrumental version back to back isn’t repetitive at all. You can go back for another round, actually, no one minds.

The A-side also includes just the vocals, and we can appreciate that it’s just one instance of the lyrics, and not looped for the full length of the song.

On the B-side, Bounce Your Body commits the occasional DMX Krew flub of going on for way too long. It’s as boppy as its title suggests (and also funky, y’know), so it’s not such a bad thing when it starts to circle around on its beats, but it’s still too much overall. You start to tune out. But our dwindling attentions are right back and enraptured by closer Dynamic Jit, which is all glitchy and gamey and fast-paced – it’s definitely a response to the more grooving efforts, coming right back with intense energy.