DMX Krew ‎– Wave Funk Volume 1

4 out of 5

Label: Rephlex

Produced by: Ed DMX

Seven excellently varied funk tunes, nibbing from Ed DMX’s core 80s house influences, and then extending through 90s IDM and touches of grimier and chiptune stuff. This is all centered around badass, grooving beats, though: each track kicks off with head-bobbing funk, whether it’s more playful – much of the A-side – or a little darker on the B-side. For some reason, the tracks closing out each side seems a little less inspired than what leads into them, but all the cuts deal up, at minimum, an absolute sense of style. And then the majority of them show off Ed’s nigh-unmatched ability at dusting a beat with just the right amount of flourish to keep it fresh and funky the whole way through. An LP you’ll be flipping over again, and again.