DMX Krew ‎– Electro Worm

4 out of 5

Label: Abstract Forms

Produced by: Ed DMX

Hilariously wiggly and squiggly electro from the ever-reliable Ed DMX. The title cut favors Ed’s retro sensibilities – a house beat, a funky bass – and then lets its simple and silly vocal loop swirl as oscilloscope-like effects kick off, accompanied by an occasional countering keyboard tinkle. Ed’s perfect sense of push and pull and timing keep the track trucking along.

The remix, by Luke Eargoggle, is perhaps on par with the original, viewing it through a 90s techno vibe, but the ‘on par’ is really because the underlying material is so strong; back to back, excepting a keyboard bridge, the tracks feel pretty similar – though 8ish minutes of ‘Electro Worm’ ain’t a bad thing.

Over on the B-side, Ed ups the funk even further, M.K.S. Studio focusing on a bopping bass and island-y keys to great, head-bobbing effect. Hop To It follows the island vibe, putting the lite-jazz on the forefront, reminding of any given beach-side video game level, but with, again, Ed’s excellent awareness of when to let his beats ride out, or when to add in or remove some element.