DMX Krew ‎–​Dread It A Go EP

3 out of 5

Label: Furthur Electronix

Produced by: Ed DMX

An absolutely pleasant set of tracks, but not really much more than that. Dread It A Go’s four songs certainly have the backbone of DMX Krew – a disco beat; a playful synth line – but there seems to have been a desire to go as minimal as possible with those elements, preventing the majority of the runtime from really hitting a groove. The core beats established in each of the tracks are solid, but they rarely build upon their own DNA – so opener Arrested Development (rather properly titled, then…) gets your head-bobbing, but becomes background, and Bleakbeat (again with the name…) tamps that down even moreso. Both tracks are good, they just lack personality; in a pinch, I wouldn’t identify them as Ed. Over on the B-side, Blue Sprite picks things up a bit, sort of video gamey with its bleeps, but only the closing title track really takes this muted style and does something compelling with it, iterating off of its sounds in interesting ways throughout the whole track, and building and releasing with classic Ed timing.