Dazzling Killmen / Mothers Day ‎– Killing Fever

5 out of 5

Label: Skin Graft Records / Sluggo Records

Produced by: Jeff Tweedy / Tim Mac

A perfect single – offering up one of Dazzling Killmen’s best tracks, and pairing it with some excellent highlight from spazz-rockers Mother’s Day.

DK’s “Killing Fever” isn’t, perhaps, as post-rock aggressive as the tracks found on their classic Face of Collapse release, but it still hits with hammers, its quiet-to-loud dynamics enhanced by guitarist Jeff Tweedy’s contributions. The song has a sense of buildup and layering that they seemed to skip over in favor of honing a more directly brutal style; a style I definitely dug, but the more nuanced application here makes for something that merits instant replays, as opposed to waiting for your ears to stop bleeding from the more brash stuff.

Mothers Day, on the flip, offers two short tracks which are just the right balance of fiddly weirdness and garage rock. The crass or silly song titles likely suggest you’ll be getting some kind of no-wave offensiveness, but Seth Mindel’s talk-sing delivery feels more serious than that, which matches the songs’ crunchy flavor. Quick and catchy riffs; weighty percussion; funking bass.

This is all wrapped up in Skin Graft’s delightfully “lo-fi” comix and illustrations.