Cygnus ‎– Newmark Phase

3 out of 5

Label: Central Processing Unit

Produced by: Dean Honer (mastered by)

Some laid back futurism that never quite fulfills its promise.

Cygnus’ Newmark Phase’s chill beats and icy synths strike an excellent late night vibe from the A-side’s title track’s fade-in. As the beat skitters slightly, a supporting beat kicking in – still calmly, lazily, an electronic hum ebbing and flowing – Cygnus starts to pull the thing together, ever so slowly goosing the elements further and further out of a comfort zone across its 8-minute run to build something really nuanced and exciting. It takes a while to get there – stopping a couple of more times and stripping out the beat – but it’s totally worth it.

Onto the B-side, this evolution seems like it gets an immediate payoff with the IDM-ier breakdown of ‘Icasean Mutant Police,’ featuring dirtier, more aggressive beats with a lovely keyboard layer drizzled atop. It’s funky and fun, but once it gets going, Cygnus doesn’t add much to it, something that’s repeated with followup ‘Red District Girls.’ Both tracks have interesting layers and instant head-bobbing abilities, but they lack the exciting way the A-side grows and subtly morphs.

A worthwhile first release from CPU, though just a hint of more fleshed out releases to come.