Cygnus ‎– Deep Analysis

4 out of 5

Label: Central Processing Unit

Produced by: Phillip Washington

Meeting in a fantastically fascinating middleground between electro and krautrock, Cygnus’ Deep Analysis is an excellent fulfillment of the promise of the artist’s previous CPU release, Newmark Phase. Playing around with something of a minimalist template, Deep Analysis’ tracks excel at playing on the divide between a steady, kraut-y beat and a shifting, primary layer. Tracks like opener Her Majesty (The Universe) and Decent of Man take this in a more delicate direction, pairing some more slippery IDM elements with head-bobbing and luscious synths; the title track and closer, Hallucinate Data, go heavy and mean with things, drilling down with intensity and deviously manipulating that extra layer. Ultraterrestrial brings in amusingly cluttered vocoder vocals on top of beats that trickles seamlessly between groove and dancefloor; the vocoder is also present on the kitschy Sheffield Beat, which is certainly as 80s Sheffield as its title portends, but is also the only unchanging and relatively flat track here.

Deep Analysis has the club bop of something more lighthearted, but there’s a nice undercurrent of darker futurism about that adds an edge, and seems to drive Cygnus to evolve each track subtly, but excitingly, as he goes along.