Gunnerkrigg Court vol. 4: Materia (Archaia HC 6″x9″ edition) – Thomas Siddell

5 out of 5

This is too good. Like we should be giving Siddell the stink eye because he’s gotta be up to something, to consistently deliver material of this quality. His compositional skills continue to improve, with scenes of all types – conversations, dream sequences, action, comedy – standing out via timing, emotion, and with an added bump in impact with some really fantastic coloring, and his plotting is this insane interweaving of mythbuilding and drama and laugh-out-loud jokes that never makes the reader work through a page in order to get to a good bit: they’re all good bits.

Volume 4 mostly explores Antimony’s relationship with Coyote and the forest-dwellers upon her return from her Summer there, but things at Gunnerkrigg certainly continue to evolve as well, with more robot lore reveals, and some absolutely pitch-perfect question marks regarding characters’ self-identities: who they are; who they like; who they want to be. This latter part is done in an absolutely natural way that avoids ridiculous subplotting buffer and forced segues; we witness thoughts and actions as they’d rightly occur within the context of the story, enriching the world and its people indubitably.

I’ve got my eye on you and your damned perfectness, Tom.