Gunnerkrigg Court vol. 3: Reason (Archaia HC 6″x9″ edition) – Thomas Siddell

5 out of 5

Everything is just getting smoother, and more complex, and more enriching, and more damned fascinating.  Thomas Siddell’s Gunnerkrigg Court somehow finds the perfect balance between drop-in / drop-out breezy read – even when the chapters are more downbeat – and rewarding mythology.  The latter is an especially weird trick, because the story does not give up secrets easily, leading each new development into weird, unknowable new developments, and yet because the book doesn’t swivel around cliffhangers or endless asterisks reminding you of previous adventures, it’s not daunting.  You feel like you are in the moment of what you’re reading, despite the mysteries swirling about.  Going back to the tone, that’s where Siddell has worked to ground this in character and comedy, so you look forward to spending time with any given person or part of the story.

And by volume three, we have a lot of major puzzle pieces in the mix – we get some court robot history; Kat feels like her own person; Coyote is as enigmatically creepy and charming as ever; and Antimony, while our POV, continues to have dimensions added to prevent her from just becoming another magical child.  Siddell has also found a slick way of doing the ether sequences, which helps to work around some previously seen stiffness with animating action.

Another year of school down…