Co-Pilot ‎– D.I.Y EP

5 out of 5

Label: WeMe Records

Produced by: Co-Pilot (?)

My goodly goodness, this is unlike anything I’ve heard on WeMe, or CPU, or Rephlex, or… Okay, yeah, this is unlike anything I’ve heard before. You, with your worldly tastes, can surely provide me with precedents, but this is insanely fresh stuff to me, and it’s blowing my damn mind. Track names like “Beat Brother” and “DeepHouseTet” and “69 Step” had me a little worried to dive in, suspecting pretty housey stuff – though I was hopeful due to the WeMe pedigree – and while D.I.Y. is awash in rave-ready beats, and you could maybe make a case for this being neighborly to more mainstream techno like Chemical Brothers or something, Co-Pilot’s work here nods to those elements and then also wholly goes its own way. The drums have a miraculous live sound to them; there are “hooks” and such, but there’s then the IDM influence in how songs morph those hooks so tracks avoid becoming predictable in structure. Then there are the crazy time changes, when “One Forty Kicks'” manipulated strings / keys and drum fills halt for hazy, sultry, house vocals, only to kick it all back up into high gear.

On the B-side, the aforementioned 69 Step is all blissed out chill, but it’s twisted, it’s a little weird… and then it’s gorgeous, and soothing and warm. And then maybe we get jungle-ish on “Suburban Retro Wave Superstar?”

Seriously, this release is insane. Its different styles are married together by an intense sense of rhythm and melody, but the rush from how Co-Pilot flows all over the place is immensely satisfying, and the live sounding production is a damn hoot.