CN ‎– More Obscure Research EP

5 out of 5

Label: WeMe Records

Produced by: CN (?)

Five insanely fun cuts, offering just about a perfect runtime for getting into the groove and then dropping out before it gets repetitive, and enough stylistic variations that you can keep the thing on a loop… forever.

‘More Obscure Research’ is bookended by tracks that set a dark and dangerous stage, sort of a palate cleanser on both sides of the listen: metallic synths, robotic atmospheric, and harsher, acid-y beats. Opener Duat is pretty masterfully subtle with its creepy, crawly background static; closer Sentient Plasma is more openly danceable but has a concise and programmatic vibe that works well with its angsty rhythm.

Inbetween are some delightful IDM cuts: Obsidian Complex works an awesome drum rush; Mind Fields goes funkier. Constellation 2 (Tray) follows with dashes of chill, though still over a peppy beat – it’s the most gleeful track of the set, a bit goofy.

Simple pleasures, I suppose, but everything here feels just right – a perfect range of vibes, and paces; perfect runtimes – which is not a simple simplicity to achieve.