Ceephax Acid Crew ‎– Acid Cask III: Mindwharf

3 out of 5

Label: WeMe Records

Produced by: Andy Jenkinson (?)

The third of the Acid Cask EPs, and maybe due to being a comparison point to two extremely good releases, it comes across as rather middling.

Where ACI is all intensity and ACII is comparatively mellow, ACIII sorta splits the difference, and ditches a lot of the expressiveness that both extremes encouraged for more “straight forward” acid. It’s not boring by any means, and if all three Acid Casks were sequenced together, these songs would make excellent between beats for others. But as a standalone, there’s not enough variation to make anything stand out, and even a track like “Lassiter’s Acid,” which looks to bring back some of the changeups that made ACII’s “Muster Station” an all-timer, ends up feeling like a half-hearted retread – it doesn’t go as far as that other track, and then retreats back to its midrange beats. For all these reasons, the highlight here is the abbreviated “Acid Flyover (My First Track),” since it’s jokey abruptness applies some Ceephax humor to things, and prevents the track from wearing out its welcome.

Wrapping back around – this is totally quality acid. It’s Ceephax; it’s not phoned in. But considered as part of a trio of releases, it’s the least best of the three.