Ceephax Acid Crew ‎– Acid Cask II: Sinistor

4 out of 5

Label: WeMe Records

Produced by: Andy Jenkinson (?)

Burbling through and through with non-stop acid beats, but at a – I’ll presume purposefully – entirely different vibe than Acid Cask I, which speaks to some appreciated forethought in divvying these tracks up into separate releases, and how each of those releases work on their own, and then together. While Jenkinson is still following his template of hitting the listener hard and fast, “Sinistor” – misspelling aside – is telling of the more cloaked, mercurial nature of Cask II’s sounds, where its beat’s momentum is there, but is also muted in intensity. These are tracks for when you’re woozy from drink and drug but still dancing, the highs and lows reaching your ears, while the thumping rhythm is more felt through your body. So all of the affectations Jenkinson teases throughout these songs are more notable, and also – in a good way – more jarring. Pursuing this, he lets things run long – most tracks are 7+ minutes – which, unfortunately, makes the one track where he curtails that a bit, on the 5 minute Arachnid Acid, seem rather uninspired by comparison. It keeps things moving, but it’s just a standard rave-up.

On the B-side, though, there’s a bit of magic: closer Muster Station seems to be almost repeating its lead-in – Lockhart – but then Andy unleashes some devastating stops and starts and changeups; sudden rushes and twists, evolving it into one of his best tracks ever.