Breakin’ All Stars / DMX Krew ‎– Megamix 98

4 out of 5

Label: Breakin’ Records

Produced by: Ed DMX

A-side’s “Breakin’ All Stars” is a DMX Krew mixed set of tracks from a Breakin’ Records compilation – which also features some DMX Krew songs, mixed in here, and also features some songs by other artists which have been remixed by DMX Krew, also mixed in here, so… no discredit to all the great Breakin’ artists who pop up on this pretty bangin’, non-stop megamix, but I think you’re clear to file this with your other DMX Krew singles.

As a megamix, the focus is definitely on keepin’ yer booty movin’, with a sweaty, 80s garage beat going the whole time, songs mostly seamlessly stitched together – that’s the demerit, as late in the track Ed tries to swerve into slightly glitchier, bleep-bloop techno and the transition would definitely cause a slight hiccup on the dance floor – and appreciatively varied throughout, despite that consistent beat. It’s a good selection of samples and sounds to smush together, and our mixer has his ever-professional ear guiding how long it makes sense to allow each section to ride before changing it up.

B-side’s What’s That Bass?! is classic funkin’ DMX Krew, hitting pretty much the same bpm as the A-side but with a sick bass line (if the title ain’t indicative) lain down, and Ed’s winky sense of humor via its general quirk and samples. But, as ever, simply being cheeky ain’t Ed’s game, and so we get some killer scratches a flourishes as well.