Biochip ‎– Hexamer Recon EP

4 out of 5

Label: WeMe Records

Produced by: Julian Kochanowski, Melissa Speirs

Layered, delicate but danceable acid jams, incorporating an organic sense of push and pull that gives Biochip – Julian Kochanowski and Melissa Speirs – and interesting edge amidst their Detroit-tinged peers.

Hexamer Recon, if I’m reading WeMe’s description correctly, was recorded live, which I’ll take to mean has minimal (if any) edits applied. Whether or not that’s true, it bears out in the restrained way these tracks massage their beats, edging in layers and then carefully peeling them back; not necessarily designed for the dancefloor, but achieving a blissed out groove in the process. In fact, it’s when the duo edges things up a bit – A-side’s Acid Conqueration, favoring a harder, more direct beat – that the delicacy slips, and the track gets a bit repetitive without their otherwise displayed nuance.

The remaining five cuts on the EP take gentle forays to neighboring territories – slightly ambient on opener Bremerton; glitchy on Return to Xinthon; some IDM-esque touches on the B-side. They save the best for last, though, with Tower 14, which maintains the sense of restraint but somehow melds it with urgency as well, the waves of synths and beats stacking up for an overwhelmingly awesome groove.