Baby T ‎– I Against I

4 out of 5

Label: Central Processing Unit

Produced by: Brianna Price

Normally, when Bandcamp lists several genres / tags on an artist’s page – Sheffield, drum & bass, ambient – you can just chalk it up to keyword abuse: the terms can be helpful, but I don’t necessarily trust them. However, in Baby T’s case with I Against I, the spread of links are awesomely accurate, as the artist’s four track EP fully and and with commitment covers each one.

Two acid rave-ups kick things off: the 6- and 7-minute title track and ‘Acid Science.’ Tight, club-ready beats and vocoder vocals keep things churning, with the latter track’s breakdowns and buildups mixing things up versus I Against I’s rather straight-forward blast. The dancefloor mindset is perhaps too rigidly stuck to in both cases, as the tracks linger on past logical endpoints – milking extra time to set up a new track – but the beats and production are damn good, so it’s not the world’s greatest sin.

And then a U-turn on the B-side: Estrogen Attitude goes in for a heavy, drum & bass groove; moody where the A-side is celebratory. I’m normally wishy-washy on tonal shifts of this nature, but Baby T gives her all on each track, and doesn’t get too flashy about it – this doesn’t feel like kitsch, or mimicry – so it works.

Which is good, seeing as how we veer again for closer We Could Disappear, a shimmery and emotive ambient slice.

A whirlwind CPU debut for Baby T, and sampling some tracks from her Samurai Records entry, encouragingly indicative of her genre-spanning abilities.