Aztec Camera ‎– Backwards And Forwards (10″, Sire Records, 1985)

4 out of 5

Label: Sire

Produced by: Aztec Camera

One of the various vinyl editions of Backwards and Forwards – a live set, plus Van Halen cover “Jump” – which I admittedly first heard as bundled with Knife, and on that version “The Boy Wonders” from another live set is included. SO: my ears expect that sequence of songs, and I feel the listen is slightly better in that format, as Jump is kind of an oddity in Roddy Frame’s oeuvre, and works really well when bundled next to Boy Wonders. The rating reflects that, but of course, had I heard this one first…

The rest of it is the same: same great performance from Roddy; same great tracks; and then the unique packaging of the 10″ edition – I’d love to understand why there was also a 12″ of the same record, and I’m sure there is a reason.