Atmosphere ‎– Sad Clown Bad Dub 4: The God Loves Ugly Release Parties

2 out of 5

Label: Rhymesayers

Directed by: Siddiq (filmed by)

I’m not sure if this DVD was available for purchase separately, or was always a promotional item; I got mine as a pack-in with the God Loves Ugly reissue, so I’m allowing for that free-ness in my rating here, as I’d probably be pretty pissed if I paid money for it. This is, essentially, a tour video: footage your friends take while you’re on the road in your band, the band in this case being Atmosphere, and the ‘on the road’ness the tour for the God Loves Ugly release. While there’s some interest here for those of us who’ve never seen Atmos live, getting to view the energy of the shows when the duo were probably at their peak of popularity, the first hour of this two-hour compilation is waaay too cut and paste between clips of songs (you rarely get a whole track) and various Rhymesayers folks saying inside jokes to one another, and interviews with swear-happy fans who sound, y’know, pretty dumb, sorry to say. The second hour calms down a bit on the ADD and is much more watchable, with full songs, and some scenes of an in-store performance.

To be fair, there’s a warning up front to not watch all of this in one sitting, but I’m not sure if actually watching it is even an option. Even that second half is a bit of a test, and it’s not something I’ll ever likely feel the desire to watch again; there’s not, like, some great performance or especially fascinating or funny bit buried therein. (Though there’s a cartoon music video at the end, if you want to skip to that.)

So I’d say this is more of a background view that you put on a party, or maybe would’ve put on at a party like fifteen years ago.