Acid Kirk ‎– Acid Kirk’s Childhood Memories

3 out of 5

Label: First Cask

Produced by: Cédric Stevens

Aptly titled, Acid Kirk – Cédric Stevens – channels two different youth-y takes on acid on this 10″, with mixed results. The A-side is the most compelling, marrying a grungy beat to a sing-song, distorted synth. At a distance, there’s a lot to love about this – the mash-up of nursery rhyme-style tones to a deeper groove is fun, and Kirk pauses and picks things up along the way, almost like telling a story. Unfortunately, I found the distortion of the synth layer to be so heavy as to be distracting; it’s possible it’s my player, or my copy, but I went through the track a few times and couldn’t quite “feel” the need for this heavy of an effect.

On the B-side, it’s a straight-up, banging acid beat. But ‘straight-up’ is the keyword there. I’d consider this fitting for the ‘childhood memories’ tag because it seems like the kind of thing you’d create in your teens, when feeling out your rig and wanting to make something to get people moving. The beat is great, yes, but there’s no variation to it once its been established; it’s very limited.

An interesting couple of tracks, for sure, but both flawed in their own ways.