3 out of 5

Label: Adult Fantasy Records

Produced by: Capt. Tripps Ballsington (recorded by)

I know I’m walking a fine line with Adult Fantasy Records’ releases. I’m actually not big on 70s kitsch – which I’d say the label very much is – but I do love a good backing of hefty rock in my roll, and while the AFR kids might wear leather and have long hair, they mostly bring that rock to the game and I’ve learned of several fantastic bands as a result of paying attention to what the label’s putting out.

When a group like госкино pops up on AFR, clearly doing a glam thing with their outfits (and covering a Heavy Metal Kids song) and doing a tribute album “to the 100 year anniversary of the October Revolution,” I’m down to give it a listen, but I’m admittedly hedging my bets on it not being my thing. Indeed, KRONSTADT DREAMIN’ would seem to err toward the kitschy side of the aforementioned line, and despite an absolutely passionate delivery from all involved – and a great sound, for a four track recording! – госкино doesn’t really do anything to differentiate themselves from other groups mining inspiration from the same era, tribute concept aside.

To the group’s credit, the instrumentation is put to good use, stepping away from the general strut of the guitar and toe-tapping pace here and there for some interesting interplay and bridges, and singer Joaquin de la Puente III – while absolutely delivering some expected cheek like “somewhere lost in the inter-zone / A two headed dog has lost his bone / But you can’t stop this rock and roll” (on Chernobyl Rockin’) – actually delivers an impressive lyric sheet that has some clever ideas that use the whole premise for more than a wink-wink shtick. But again, on the whole, this just sounds exactly like I’d expect it to sound: getting the gang together to put on glam outfits and jam.